Sunday, August 26, 2007

Suck it, Nature

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In an effort to get better at things that I wasn't previously good at, I picked up a kit at the Ladybug Florist that let me grow a forget-me-not plant from seed. Well, it sprouted, and I treated it ever so gingerly, and it continued to grow (SFW.) I then was forced to transplant it, and I went back to Ladybug for advice. (They laughed at me as though I was asking about which way to hold up a book.) So, I transplanted it and eargerly awaited blooms. It grew and grew, and I was poised for it's flowering magesty, which, I was convinced would be coming at any moment. Dre would ask me DAILY the flower status, and for months it never came. Imagine my Gobsmackery when on Wednesday of last week, I was looking out the window to see which car's alarm was going off, and I saw something unusual. Something clustery and green, not leafy. Well, as you can see, my forget me not,which I raised from a seed with my formerly "brown thumb" (a/k/a cut flowers only) has bloomed! SUCK IT, NATURE!



Mark said...

Haha nice. You had up me one on the Poinsettia. :p

Mark O'Bradley said...

wow I didn't realize this is last year!