So, there I was, minding my own business when a text came through from Puga. (We had just gone to the Black Camel, one of my favourite lunch places in town, so I was wondering what was up his clunge) and all it said was "White Stripes show yonge at grosvenor. NOW." I put on some sensible shoes and ran for my life 4 blocks south to meet them. Sho 'nuff, we walked into the Y and saw a buffet of hipsterz lining the hallways, and a clearly live version of "Apple Blossom" was playing. It was definitely cool being there, even if the set list was short and it was for the kiddies. (Hipsterz all over the city are secretly wishing they hadn't forced their girlfriends to get "the big A" today)

no photos or video were allowed (thanks to a cunty woman who used "THE CHILDREN" as her reason for being such a bitch... but what was the reason for her hippie witch hair and lack of bra?) Here's a clip of them on Conan: