Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Comix: Tom the Dancing Bug

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Although I am often told I laugh at everything (Corey used to have a poem about me laughing, and that laugh was FAMOUS when I was at the evil empire) I am picky when it comes to "Comix." All that changed the day I opened up HK magazine and caught my first Tom The Dancing Bug comic. From then on I was hooked on the crazy throwbacks, searing assessments of celebrity culture, old tymey references, and of course liberal disgust with the current administration. It's actually staggering how much diversity there is in the strips from week to week, and some of them are so detailed, they take a while to read. He never loses his bite, in any given week, a bite I would liken to an old bitchy drunk lady at the country club. (It's FANTASTIC!) It's here for your perusal and RSS is here.