Monday, June 11, 2007

Cosmitude: Sephora Summer Blockbuster Palette/bareMinerals

Posted by Hotseat |

I am a complete makeup junkie, and as such, I am always seeking to streamline operations. (carrying around a thousand products in your purse makes you look like a crazy aunt) so, when i came across the big sister to this product last winter, i did not hesitate. Of course, then Sephora ran off and made the teenier version which is more travel-worthy. What separates this product from the countless shitty mega palettes you can get from Shopper's Drug Mart? The quality of the powders, and the colour selection, Even the brightest, craziest colours in this little kit go on a treat, and don't look like an Australian's nightmare.

Another great item that is worth its weight in gold is bareMinerals powder foundation. It's gossamer-light but powerful ( i had a particularly BAD burn on my face over the May 24th weekend, and this was all I used to cover it. Bonus: it didn't hurt, and has SPF 15 in it! Also, I did an appearance on TV not too long ago, and this was all I used for foundation (I hate liquid foundation) and it looked incredible.