Thursday, June 21, 2007

Munchitude: Wunderbar!

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Chocolate for me is not one of those things I partake in all the time (since I kicked my Snickers-a-day habit in University.) But when I do have it, I'm picky. It is for this reason that I spent years watching my dad eat Wunderbars and thinking it was not terribly appealing. (It looks like your basic "log" style chocolate bar, which I'm not very partial to.) Well, one year, there were Wunderbars in a selection of Hallowe'en candy. I mistakingly ate one while watching something on television, not paying attention. This mistake was perhaps the best mistake of my life. Wunderbar is peanut buttery, but not unctuous, butterfingery without being cloying, and caramelly without being a sugar bomb. (If you can get your hands on them, the miniature ones actually have a better chocolate-to-filling than the big ones.) Basically, it is the classic trifecta of the chocolate barmaker's art: caramel, peanut butter and an unexpected texture. This has become my new mix-in for my ice cream recipe.