Thursday, June 07, 2007

Movitude: Knocked Up

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I love Judd Apatow. When I first saw Undeclared (yes, I came late to the Judd Party, sorry hipsterz) I had tears of laughter. When I saw the previews for Knocked Up, HONESTLY, I thought he had already "Sandlered" (hey dude, Billy Madison is the shiznit, the rest, not so much) but I am happy to say that, when I went to see the press preview, (Thanks Renee and McGrath) we all nearly died. It's supremely funny, and even surpasses the 40 year old virgin. The subject matter may be more pedestrian, but its treatment is much harsher, and it does not rely on touchy-feely treacle to cut the piss and vinegar. You NEED to see this movie in droves, not just because it's good, but because you can send studios a message buy only buying tickets to good shit like this, instead of shitty shit like Good Luck Chuck. (Seriously, how untalented is Dane Cook? He's the shitstain that didn't quite come out in the laundry, but no one has the heart to throw out the offending underwear) But enough about stuff that sucks...

There is a scene in this movie that takes place at one of my favourite places on earth, the Original Pantry in Central LA (near the Staples Centre) and I even have 2 mugs to commemorate my love of that place and their KILLER short stack of pancakes (their standard full breakfast is also a winner, with lemonade or iced tea.) This place is not a celebrity haunt, nor is it a cult-like place like pinkberry or the old Hearst building. (What, those people are LITIGIOUS) So, to see it in a movie made me very happy. (Bob, we have to get some of those pancakes soon)