Thursday, June 14, 2007

Munchitude: Fresca

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Fresca. Permanent resident of your grandmothers' fridge. It is hopelessly unstylish, but it tastes like sparkly Jesus. Fresca, the pink grapefuit sugar free soda that was the first diet soda on the market has been rebranded by Coke to be more hip. I'm just happy I can find it now. It tastes like Ting or Wink (depending of where you come from) and that is citrusy, snappy, and delicious. it even comes in two variants: peach and black cherry, which are equally good, but faced with a three way choice, I am a purist. Also, a note to Doug: it's not ORANGE, or is it made from oranges, or does it taste like orange, but it DOES go well with tequila for those times when you want to tie one on in public but don't want to get arrested.