Monday, June 11, 2007

Schadenfreude: Flavor of Love Charm School

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Another sorbet to cleanse the Awesomeitude palette is schadenfreude. (shameful joy, you uneducated dink) Under this category fall my love of The Girls Next Door, Quarter Pounders with Cheese, ego trip's The White Rapper Show, and this newest obsession: Flavor of Love Charm School. This show dares to ask the question "where do you go once a man who wears Ikea clocks as jewellery kicks you to the curb? It's truly awesomely bad, and always a good addition to the old Tivo for viewing on a rainy day, or while hung over. Memorable scenes include an engineering feat of tape applied to a "big titty girl," The "Master Debate," and a guest spot from "New York"