Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kawaii: Crocs Prima Ballerina Flats

Posted by Hotseat |

It's the term that has become synonymous with old ladies and uglitude: Crocs. Luckily, these cheap ass magee shoes are transforming. Crocs release a staggering number of new styles, and among them are these TOTALLY KAWAII ballerina flats, which, although not indicated in the photo, are silver. I ordered these the moment I saw them here. I was not disappointed. The shoes are light, comfortable, have arch support (something fabric ones from Chinatown do not) and best of all, the Croslite material is bacteriostatic (meaning no stank.) Highly recommended for people who HATE flats but sometimes see the necessity for them (too many nights out in a row in spiked heels and wedges.)