Thursday, June 28, 2007

Richard Gere Posse: Sir Paul McDouchebag

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Maybe it's the extreme heat that is causing the RGP entries to come hard and fast, but this needs to be said: Paul McCartney deserves to be in the Richard Gere Posse as an official Knight of the Gerbil. Wha? you say? He's a Beatle. Everyone loves a Beatle. No everyone does NOT love a Beatle, and the best songs they had had sweet fuck all (to borrow a phrase from my dad) to do with him. Need more convincing? Worst James Bond Theme in the history of the series (not so fast Chris Cornell, you were next.) Still more you say? WINGS. I win. Also, what kind of class A DOUCHENOZZLE makes unsuspecting Starbucks workers listen to his song on a 24 hour loop? Get over yourself. His poor wife had to get titty cancer just to get rid of him. Oh wait, if you're still a hold out... here's the piece de resistance: