Thursday, June 21, 2007

Munchitude: Boylan Seltzer

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A few weeks ago it was HOT ASS AFRICA out there while I was doing my errands. I went into Noah's Natural Foods to get some vitamins, and I went to their cooler at the back of their store to get myself something to cool me down. I was immediately charmed by the cutieassmagee bottle of seltzer which advertised both "natural flavour" and "zero calories." I gave this shiz, Boylan Seltzer a try. It is bottled awesomeitude. It is citrusy without being artificial, (available in lemon and orange) completely sweetener free and delightfully refreshing. It has medium fizz, so you won't be able to belch the alphabet (try Dad's Root beer for such an application) but it is delightful nonetheless. More information here