Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Webshopitude Hall of Fame:

Posted by Hotseat |

Lizzadiez, we all want nice tits, and in my experience, it is achievable for every woman with the right bras. Enter the greatest online bra shop on earth: Figleaves. This shop's entire reason for living is to give you a nice rack (and no VPL.) They have an EXHAUSTIVE list of sizes (from 28 AA to 56FF.) This may seem unnecessary, but both my mother and myself take specialty sizes. Regardless of your size, what figleaves has that others don't, is an unbelievable selection of "titzlingers" for your comfort and other's visual delight (lines include elle macpherson, la perla, damaris and other hard to find manufacturers.) But what makes figleaves take the cake is their kick ass prices, and even better service. I recently bought one of the 4 bras that are available in my size, and it was only 14 dollars, and it shipped all the way from the UK! Unfortunately, when it arrived, the cup size was too small (what a world!) and so I had to return it, but it was absolutely painless and I had replacements in no time. I normally don't rave about online shopping, because it can be fraught with heartache, but figleaves makes tits look good for not a lot of scratch.