Friday, June 22, 2007

Gameitude: Warioware Smooth Moves

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I was one of those lucky bitches who scored a Wii early on. I easily got bored of playing Wii sports, as I am not a fan of their real-life counterpart, sports. As such, I went on a fact finding mission to find a game that would capture my interest, and do so for a long time. That killer game is WarioWare: Smooth moves.

Now, I was not one of those kids who got an NES for their birthday,, due to what my dad explained was "I am not paying that much money for some piece of shit." (The value was lost on him.) So, I really was unclear what the whole Wario deal was.

This is a collection of minigames, all designed to make optimal use of the Wii controller
. There are no real instructions to help you get started. The best part of the design of this game is that all the minigames are small and achievable (pick the carrots, fan away the "bad smell," pick up the phone) but must be done under pressure and time constraints, in a row, and mastering the proper "form" (method of holding the Wii controller.)

Warioware falls down in not having a great multiplayer mode (competitive multiplaying side by side would be optimal.) It's still a great party game, as your friends will cheer you on while you wash a cow's ass.

The production design of the game is as beautiful as it is eclectic, and the music is frenetic, and very cutesy.

This game is by far the most entertaining Wii title to date for sheer entertainment value, and people love winning every 30 seconds. If you want a guaranteed good time, get Warioware: Smooth Moves.

Pictured: "Squat" challenge and "Hula challenge"