Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hackitude: Stikkit

Posted by Hotseat |

Stikkit is an intuitive piece of software that helps you organise your life. I am a longtime user of digital post-its, but that program became bloated and slowed down my start up time on my comp. I found this web based program and fell in lurve. It has intuitive features on it, so if you type "hair appointment 9:00 am at 123 fake street" It knows to pick up the required fields (unlike outlook) what's better, is that you can look up all of your stikkits according to tags that are generated automatically, so if you are prone to writing down ideas like I am, all of your ideas filed under "magellan" will be able to be shown onscreen at the same time. (This is huge for web-type thinkers such as myself, who once found a recipe with the word "perverteer" scribbled on the back. It also produces iCal meetings for importation into any calendar application, and you can allow others to modify stikkits on your board.