Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Munchitude Hall of Fame: Ovaltine

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Like another entry in the HoF, Fresca, Ovaltine is one of those items readily found in your grandmother's house. Well, guess what kids? Your nan was one smart bitch! Ovaltine is what Jesus would drink if he was in need of enriched, chocomalty refreshment. I typically drink a lot of Ovaltine in the winter, but it is KILLER in the summer in icy milk. (Fuck frappuccinos. Baristas think you're white trash for ordering them, fyi) Ovaltine also gets by on the technicality that if you don't look at the sugar content, it's healthy (that's why it used to have the busty Teuton on the label.)

Another serving suggestion is to add it to your sweet cream base when making ice cream. If you are in a hurry, add it to your fixings for a milkshake, or you can sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream like my dad (if there is no Ghirardelli drinking chocolate about.) The key is this: it's not Quik. It's chocolate and malt together. It is a liquid Malteser of refreshing awesomeitude. Ovaltine, I salute you.



Anonymous said...

I grew up drinking Ovaltine and eating the ovaltine biscuits. Yum.

Hotseat said...

absolutely. it features prominently in my memories as well. When I went to Shanghai I ordered it in a grotty old resto, and I was instantly happy.